Exploring the effects of language and colors on our individual mental wellness through the void

In collaboration with Clara Francesca & Mehow Skalski

Mrs. Marx Goes Void invites the audiences to become aware of the disempowering thoughts that are trapped inside their subconscious.

Disempowering thoughts such as,

"I can never get anything right."

"I feel so stupid."

"My brain doesn't work."

"What if I will never be happy?"

"I am worthless."

And replace those negative inner dialogues by saying the power mantras aloud into the void,

"I am open to everything and attached to nothing."

"It is okay to keep learning and growing."

"My voice matters, even when I'm still working things out."

"I am here for me and that is the best place to be."

"I love myself, I am loved by the people around me."

The power mantras are then projected onto the 360° screen, surrounding the audiences with vibrant colors and raising their awareness to shift into a positive inner dialogue, more empathetic to self. 

MRS MARX (Karl Marx’s wife, trapped within a pre-conditioned world) represents the distorted blindspots we all have about ourselves, often trapped within our speech & thoughts.

VOID PEOPLE (the huge metaphoric hole so many of us feel on a daily basis) represents the healing healthy antidote to this - changing our inner & outer dialogue.


A four-day in-person and virtual event that showcases new media artwork from around the world is going on at Lightbox in midtown. Artists from New York City and abroad will show off their work that you can see both in-person and virtually.

This event by and for the creative community was held in New York City [ November 12-15 ] hosted by LIGHTBOX NYC.

Bringing together new media artists from different styles and backgrounds including glitch, audio reactive- generative, 3D style transfer, live coding, VR sketching, experimental, and a selection of immersive experiences.