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“Life has no meaning a priori… It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose.”

― Jean-Paul Sartre


First VOID PEOPLE sketch 

2013 con't

Explored the Sense of Emptiness through the Conceptual Process class at the College of Fine Arts


The exploration of the void continued through a short rotoscoped animation. The film examined the sense of emptiness that emerges within self in the era of illusion in human connection.

This animation got featured on Mental Health Short Film Collection of ART WITH IMPACT



Recognized the relationship between VOID PEOPLE and the internal battle with depression


The experience had led to these insights:

  • Realized there is the need to accept and embrace the battles while advocating other people to do the same


  • Recognized how powerful the arts is in playing the therapeutic and advocacy role for individuals with mental health challenges


  • Felt the need and urgency for projects and initiatives that can cater to the needs of individuals who are looking for human connection

  • Recognized that there is a need to change the narrative around depression, and rebrand how depression is viewed

  • Needed a conversation starter to open up safe space for dialogues

Started using VOID PEOPLE to raise public awareness, support mental health-related organizations, and advocate for individuals battling with existential depression and anxiety.

Void People Keychain Initiative


  • Raised funds to support the work of the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline during the pandemic

  • Explored new media such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D printing



Exploring Violet under Warm Light, find out more HERE.

The purpose of VOID PEOPLE is to open up opportunities for difficult conversations around mental health challenges. VOID PEOPLE is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling, psychotherapy, mental health counseling, or any other type of psychotherapy or medical advice.

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