Without a doubt, these past few months had really threw me (and I believe, anyone living in 2020) off balance. Waking up to different uncertainties every morning wondering how to make any long term goals when nothing seems to last any longer than a few days, weeks, months, years.

I can't help but to spend some of my brain capacity contemplating life.

Everything fades away and die. Hard pill to swallow. When death comes, will I have done what I was supposed to do when I have had the chance?

Drama aside. I decided to delete all social media applications like Instagram and Facebook off my phone, because 1 word: DISTRACTIONS. Just the amount of contents that are becoming overwhelming for my personal mental health. Piled up information about COVID-19, the killing of Gorge Floyd (My deepest condolences to him and his family.), BLM movements, black square tiles, brands trying to persuade me to get my summer look ready, and images/tiktok videos of beautiful ladies exposing their bodies like there is no tomorrow. Not saying that all this has no significance but it was just getting....neutrally speaking, a lil too much for my mental health and it is wearing me down bit by bit.

Honesty I have not been doing great at following up on my goal this year. It is June and I will can't land a handstand, not even close. So it is about time I get serious here.

I've always wanted to be an early bird person, sipping my cup of coffee at 6 AM in the morning, go for a run, journal, read and paint. Happened once or twice then it died off, the practice was not sustained, the habit did not stick. There is always an excuse every morning.

I came across this article by Jason Gutierrez, The 50/30/10/10 Rule for How to Wake Up Earlier and Work on Your Dream, So again the fire is back, but let's see how it goes tomorrow morning. I am going to set a realistic goal of 7:30 AM for a week. From Wednesday June 3 - June 10. No scrolling, Early mornings, Getting covered in paints and spending time reading or learning new things everyday. Basically spending more time within rather than chasing some sort of worldly satisfaction. Will keep you posted. Tomorrow 7:30AM.

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