is a concept that uses symbolism as a reminder that Life is meaningless, in the most profound way, and you have the freedom to fill your own void with the meanings you choose for your own existence.


All human beings exist with a sense of being unfulfilled. Humans constantly crave and seek an escape from the sense of emptiness and attempt to fill the void with external distractions.


To use as a reminder to accept the coexistence with fear, anxiety, and depression so that we can exercise our freedom to choose to live a meaningful and authentic life despite the struggles, despair, and absurdity.


To rebrand existential anxiety & depression through colors, symbolism, and genuine human connection one step at a time.


I have the freedom to constantly construct my own existence.

Life is meaningless, in the finest manner possible. 


Another Day Series

"We all fear death and question our place in the universe. The artist's job is not to succumb to despair, but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.

- Gertrude Stein

Quelching anxiety and fear is often achieved with only a brief antidote - it lingers. We use symbolism in culture, consumption, and distraction to evade a huge metaphoric hole. Many people feel lost or isolated on a daily basis, and attempt to use stimuli to trigger positive emotions and to numb out the anguish.

The intention behind VOID PEOPLE is to open up space for realisations, while at the same time inviting “perceivers” to come to terms with the coexistence of their own freedom to construct their own existence amidst this sense of emptiness.

Because humans are visual and emotional creatures, using symbolism can help speed up the process of understanding a complex set of meanings that tie it to the concept it represents.  VOID PEOPLE symbol can subtly communicate that the responsibility to choose rests upon the “perceivers” to exercise their freedom to create meaning out of their own existence. It is a signifier that you are constantly constructing your own existence. 

VOID PEOPLE acts as a conversation opener around mental health, raises awareness around how existential depression is perceived, and erases the negative stigma that is attached to the meaninglessness of life.

Which will lead us towards more freedom to choose to live a meaningful life, positive conscious dialogues and interactions, and a more genuine human connection.

Credits: Mehow

The purpose of VOID PEOPLE is to open up opportunities for difficult conversations around mental health challenges. VOID PEOPLE is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling, psychotherapy, mental health counseling, or any other type of psychotherapy or medical advice.